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Companies adhere to "people first" principle, since the inception of work to put people on the center of gravity position, try to self-development talent, good career development opportunities. In the competition to encourage people to realize their value for the enterprise to make the greatest contribution.

Incentive mechanism is based on incentive constraints, to stimulate employees' potential, dynamic competition as the core content of human resources management system, from the selection, employment, education, keep four aspects, through a variety of training and the establishment of incentives, constraints, competition, such as competition, optimize, etc., to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff to carry out internal and reasonable competition, the potential to inspire employees to maximize their individual capacities, and enhance professionalism and dedication of staff, enhance cohesion, promote their continued development.

In the implementation of performance appraisal of staff issued a series of incentive policies, and achievements, the skills acquired will be awarded. Currently, these performance incentives have been recognized and accepted by all staff. Management attaches great importance to communication with staff, a comprehensive collection of evaluation information on the company's employees, and actively organize to improve, increasing employee satisfaction.

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